Experienced translators in the UK and Europe

Are you in need of experienced translators to aid your business? Whatever the language, we can help.

Translator hire in the UK and Europe

Providing expert written document translations is our core business activity. At SATIS Ltd, we translate into most major languages, always ensuring that the true meaning of every word is conveyed precisely.

All of our translators are highly qualified and experienced, and work solely in their mother tongue. Every translator is carefully vetted before being accepted onto our database. We require our translators to be fully qualified or hold recognised translation qualifications. Membership of a professional translation body is also an asset.

Our project managers help by:

  • Preparing the document for the translator
  • Liaising with the client at all stages to ensure deadline adherence
  • Selecting the right translator or translation team with the qualifications, skill-set and experience that befits the translation subject area
  • Creating a client specific glossary
  • Being the pivotal point-of-contact for both the client and the translators
  • Working with the best

    Our translators work solely in their mother tongue and within their abilities or skill-sets for legal, commercial, pharmaceutical, computer IT, technical clients and more. These skill-sets then sub-divide into more specialised areas, including patent translation, clinical trials, computer hardware marketing, automated machinery, etc.

    We specialise in translator hire and provide professional translators for a wide range of businesses. Call SATIS Ltd on

    07931 303 363