Professional translators in the UK and Europe

If you are looking for professional translation and interpreting services in the UK, then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with SATIS Ltd today!

A brief bit about us

SATIS Ltd started out in 1993 and grew rapidly to become the vibrant and successful company that it is today.

Our growth has come from our hard work, our passion for our profession and our ability to understand the needs of our clients. Our professional translators and interpreters dedicate themselves to ensuring that we deliver the highest standard of translation and interpreting services throughout the UK and Europe.

Expert project management, from commencement to completion

  • We dedicate time to resourcing the right translator for you
  • We liaise with you and the translator(s) from start to finish
  • We address potential challenges and offer advice on the best way to achieve the perfect translation
  • We consult and provide advice on localisation matters
  • We build client-specific glossaries
  • We ensure deadline adherence

What we don’t do?

  • We do not put your assignment up on a virtual notice board for the first available translator to pick it off
  • We do not resource the cheapest translator available. We place quality over cost
  • We do not promise more than we can deliver or say ‘yes’ to every deadline. We know our profession inside out. If we can do it, we will do it!

Our clients range from large corporations and household names to private individuals. No-one is beyond our concern and everyone receives the same courteous, friendly and fully professional services.

For expert language solutions, call SATIS Ltd on

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