Interpreter hire in the UK and Europe

Looking for reliable interpreting services in the UK or Europe? At SATIS Ltd, we provide professional interpreter hire for clients based globally.

Choosing the right interpreter

Interpreting comes in several forms, including consecutive interpreting, telephone interpreting, guiding, whispered and simultaneous interpreting. There are also specially trained interpreters who work for the courts, the police and immigration, healthcare services, social services and hospitals.

Choosing the right interpreting set-up is essential for the smooth running of your assignment, whether it is a business meeting, a telephone conversation, a court case or a full-scale conference. Our professional interpreters can work for a wide range of services, from construction services to legal proceedings. All of our interpreters are vetted, and able to offer the highest standard of services for a variety of different languages.

Our interpreting services

  • Interpreting in most languages
  • Interpretation for the construction industry, including CSCS, CPCS and IPAF exams and training courses
  • Court and legal interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting

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